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9/24/2018  |   10:30 AM - 11:00 AM   |  Emerald Ballroom I

The Economic Cost of Congenital CMV in the UK

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) can adversely affect neurodevelopment, causing lifelong impairments such as sensori-neural hearing loss (SNHL), cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The financial burden associated with the management and consequences of cCMV and its sequelae is not fully understood. This study aimed to estimate the annual direct and indirect economic costs of cCMV and its sequelae to the UK. A cost model providing a ‘snapshot’ of the estimated cost of cCMV to the UK in 2016 was developed, informed by interviews with clinical experts and a literature review. The cCMV population was split into four age bands (0 to 1 year; 1 year to 5 years; 5 years to 18 years; 18 years and over) and relevant estimates of incidence and unit costs were identified from the published literature, using UK sources where possible. Direct and indirect annual costs were aggregated across the population to provide total estimates. The model base case estimated that the total cost of cCMV to the UK in 2016 was around £700 million. Approximately 40% of the costs were directly incurred by the public sector, with the remaining 60% being indirect costs, such as personal cost to families and lost productivity to society. Long-term impairments caused by the virus had a higher cost burden than the acute management of cCMV. The cost of cCMV to the UK is substantial, predominantly stemming from the long-term impairments caused by the virus, and should be compared against the cost of educational and screening programmes, as well as future vaccination. Increasing awareness may help to prevent virus transmission in pregnancy. The introduction of universal screening for cCMV in the UK may increase detection of children who would benefit from treatment, and build a more robust evidence base for future research to reduce disease caused by cCMV.

  • The financial burden of congenital CMV in the UK
  • Implications of the economic cost of congenital CMV
  • The importance of educational and screening programmes

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Sharon Wood (Primary Presenter,Author,Co-Author), sharonwood@cmvaction.org.uk;
Sharon has been Project Manager for the UK charity CMV Action for three years, having previously held senior management roles in a variety of healthcare and childcare charities.


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